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Engineering and manufacturing
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Engineering and manufacturing of composite parts
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Composite parts for automotive and motorsports
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Yanara Technologies offers a wide range of services using advanced composite materials, from design to manufacturing and repair

Widely used in Formula 1, Aeronautics, Space industry and Defence, composites have massively contributed to structures performance, weight reduction and freedom of design. Composites and particularly carbon fibres have also contribued a lot in improving security in motorsports activities


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Yanara Composite Solutions: Design and manufacturing of composite parts

Yanara Composite Solutions offers to carry out engineering studies, complete prototyping phases and the composite parts manufacturing.

Yanara Composite Solutions can offer a complete R&D program tailored to your needs.

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Yanara Composite Repair: Composite Repair for motorsports and industry

Yanara Repair ensures the maintenance and reparation of your composite parts, while offering a complete follow-up service.

For over ten years we have been repairing composite parts for motorsports and sports in general.

In the last couple of years, we have been offering repair services for other sectors including defence and high performance vehicles.

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Yanara Composite Parts Original composite parts for automotive

Yanara Composite Parts sells original composite parts that can be shipped anywhere in Europe.

Carefully repaired in our workshops, they are an alternative to buying new ones. Repair is not only a win-win strategy, but also kinder to the environment.


Yanara Technologies is a company specialised in composites and created in 2011 by two former Formula 1 engineers. We offer a complete service from design to manufacture to suit your requirements.



Yanara Technologies specialises in “out-of-autoclave” processes: from out-of-autoclave prepreg lay-up, to our in house lay-up process, we only work under vacuum with a controlled resin rate .


Our team is deeply involved in today’s environmental  challenges. Even though the use of carbon fibre is still mandatory for many applications, but in some cases new materials – with reduced environmental impact – can be an alternative choice.

Motorsport, with which the company has close ties, is an ideal arena to develop and test technical innovations as well as these new concepts.


There are many different composites and their variety continues to grow. Although the inherent lightweight contributes to a better carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption, thermoset composites are still causing some recycling issues while carbon fibre, which is mainly used in structural applications, has a significant carbon footprint. However, new materials in bio-based resin or natural fibre are or will be alternatives.



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