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Yanara Technologies is involved in the repair of structural and aesthetical composite parts in most sectors of activity.


Our services:

The repair of composite parts includes:

Composite repair for Motorsports

Yanara Technologies has been working for 10 years on composite parts repairing, mainly with carbon fibre, for motorsport industry.

The company assists its customers in the organization of spare parts and is able to intervene on large volumes whilst respecting deadlines.

Main parts we can work on: Carbon bodywork parts, monocoques, aero parts

Reconstruction of a F1 carbon diffuser

The car, an 2000 Arrows, had been fitted with a different engine-gearbox assembly to the original, necessiting a major modifications to  its diffuser. Now reassembled with its original components, the car needs to have its diffuser back in original configuration. A major modification has been carried out to achieve this result.

Examples of highly damaged carbon composite parts repairs


With its extensive experience for motorsport, Yanara Technologies now offers its services for outstanding and exotic cars with composite bodywork or chassis.

Repairing is particularly satisfying as in many cases, it allows us to save the original part, keeping the originality and standart of the vehicle at its highest level.

Moreover, for makes such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani or McLaren where the supply of original parts may present some difficulties, repairing is a cost effective option.

We work on complex restorations of heavily damaged parts requiring surface reconstructions, replacement of core material, replacement of inserts as well as more “standard” projects.

Other possible services: Non-destructive testing, reverse-engineering.

composite REPAIR for INDUSTRY

We provide repairs for all types of industrial sectors.

For any specific request, please contact us directly by phone or email.

Tel: +33 (0)3 61 25 07 73


Carbon FRAME repair

Cyclists, do not hesitate to contact us for the reparation of your frames and carbon rims.

One phone number: +33(0)3 61 25 07 73

Email: yanara-bike @

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Carbone fibre bike repair
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