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Chart of the five main fields of Yanara composite solution: Technical specification, engineering, simulation, tooling and prototyping

Involved in each phase of your projects, we can offer:


Yanara Technologies has a 700 m² workshop organised in different departments enabling the manufacture of small or medium size series.

The workshop is equipped with several polymerization ovens, each of them fitted with cooking loggers. The largest oven is modular in length and in its initial configuration has a volume of 8 m3.

We mainly work with carbon fibres, aramid, and glass fibres

The technologies used within Yanara are prepreg lay-up, infusion, resin rate controlled vacuum moulding and LIGHT RTM.

In addition, a clean process derived from prepreg lay-up and infusion provides significant process and cost advantages.


CNC machine

X3050 Y152 Z350

Composite parts development

Yanara has a design office and an R&D orientation that allows it to intervene on subjects with technological locks.

A few of our projects are described below.

Automotive Modular Composite Platform

PAMC is the first Automotive Composite Platform designed and thought for very small to medium size automotive applications.
It intends to significantly reduce development and manufacturing costs compared to traditional monocoque composite chassis methods, ideal for vehicles requiring both performances and light weight.

Development and manufacturing of an annular spring (Defence)

Technological locks

Some validation steps

Intura Pilot Case

Intura is a luxury timeless luggage brand, highly customizable for travellers looking for an outstanding product. Intura is entirely handmade in France in our workshops.

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